Carousell App Review

With my online Facebook account, I saw this app claiming to help items new or used sold like eBaY with group of subscribers that are categorized as a group (Ex. Lipstick Lovers, Bags Galore, Accessories Exclusive, Bakin’ Bakers and more – nice cover photos for each that made me entice to join them). Also,members may … Continue reading

Authentic Cheap US perfumes for SALE!!!

LIST OF AUTHENTIC PERFUME SCENTS  Wholesale prices start at 700-800 Pesos each for most scents Men/Women. Retail starts at 800-900 pesos. *Shipping or Handling fee not included. »»We supply Original Packaging >95% of the scents unless sold out. Better presentation for gifts, marketing & assurance of quality of our products! »We test each perfume to … Continue reading